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One of my spiritual teachers Carol Huffstickler, conveyed an important message to me before she passed. We were doing prayer work with a group of friends and she threw her head back and her eyes teared up and she said, “ I see her, I see her!”. I asked her who do you see and Carol said Mary, the mother of Christ. Carol said that Mother Mary had a message for me, that I was to find a site near my property in Mitilini, Samos that would be used for healing. If people had faith, they could be healed of their infirmities. A friend of mine, Mark Hammer and I found the healing site and it was inside the chapel dedicated to Mother Mary adjacent to my property. This was around the year 2000. This was the first prompting to include the Chapel dedicated to Mother Mary and repairing it, so people can avail themselves to the spiritual power of this site.

A long time went by and around 2006 a friend of mine Diana Petrochelli started planning our educational institute. We finally went to visit my property in Samos in September2011. We decided that I should turn my farm into a Permaculture site to bring students who were interested in ecology and teach courses. There were more obstacles placed in my way at that time and we were not able to move forward.  I also met with a lady by the name of Sam Horn and she suggested that I create an institute. We, then decided ,to include courses in the arts and music, architecture, agriculture, ecology, archaeology, business, technology, spirituality, social sciences health and wellness. We will have visiting thought leaders in the above areas of study to teach  and others who would like to contribute to the institute.

From that meeting came the idea to form the Synthesi Institute, as well as, the encouragement of other friends and the help of Mark Hammer. It is the culmination of all of my work up to this time. The mission of the institute is to integrate ancient wisdom with modern thought for the purpose of improving society. We will do this by working on projects in our areas of interest mentioned above. The vision of  Synthesi Institute is evolving and our aim is to help the people of Greece and other countries as well. We have two locations in Houston, Texas and Samos, Greece and may expand to other locations in the future.

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The principals are Evangeline Caridas, director, Diana Petrochelli, Assistant Director, Angelos Michalios, Architect, and Mark Hammer, Marketing.

Evangeline Caridas

Founder-Transforms organizations & people, unleashing their commitment, enthusiasm & creative power.

Diana Petrochelli

Permaculturalist, workshop facilitator, cross cultural trainer, leadership coach, business strategist & consultant.

Angelos Michalios

Conservationist, Master architect, Builder, Land developer, Property rehab, Farmer, Protector of the land, Master carpenter

Mark Hammer

Internet marketer, Web designer, Chinese medicine, TaiChi, Transformational consultant, Spiritual Coach