Modern & Ancient Restoration - Preservation

Purpose of Project: To restore an ancient chapel located near Mitilini, on the island of Samos, Greece. This chapel is an ancient worship site dating back to pre-Christianity. The site’s foundation structure is from around 300 AD where beginning Christians worshipped and gathered in prayer.   

Background of Project – Restoration of Ancient Chapel located in Potamies near Mitilini, Samos. The chapel is adjacent to Ms. Caridas farm in Potamies. Ms. Caridas met and befriended a woman who was very spiritual, before she passed, she conveyed information concerning this little chapel and it’s importance in the future.  In ancient times, prior to the Christian era, places of worship were built utilizing sacred geometry employed by the Pythagoreans. The Pythagoreans were a group of spiritual initiates that were led by Pythagoras, the mathematician. The sacredness of a particular space is composed of many variables, sacred geometry being one of them. The prayers of the priests, blessing and the consecration of the space, are additional contributions that create these special places of worship.

The Pythagoreans and other ancient architects and builders used sacred geometry to locate these sites and in the actual construction of these sites.  Pythagorean sacred geometry has been used to build sacred spaces from ancient times. This is one of the reasons we chose to study Pythagoras’ work, because of his major contributions to the design of sacred spaces. 

Many sacred places are associated and connected to what are called ley lines. A ley line is defined as one of various supposed alignments of ancient monuments and prehistoric sites in straight lines, believed by some to indicate paths of positive energy inherent in the Earth. These ley lines are located all over Greece. Some of the most important ones are running from the Temple of Delphi 

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through Corinth and from Mount Olympus to Samos.  Many Christian churches were then built on top of these ancient places of worship. For some historical perspective concerning the site we are proposing to restore, the Nazis occupied Ms. Caridas’s farm when her grandfather was secretary of agriculture in Samos during the German occupation. The Nazis knew about the power of these ancient sites and sought to occupy the surrounding space for their own purposes. This little chapel is located near this area. The Germans were known to seek out ancient sites and the artifacts located there for metaphysical purposes. The Raiders of the lost Arc was an adventure movie with this theme, there was some underlying truth about the ambitions the Germans had concerning these sites even though the movie spoofed the subject matter. The Germans ruined the water well by dumping munitions into the well before they fled the island. In addition they carved a bunker into the side of the mountain for a bomb shelter.

Phase I: Restoration of Chapel & Visitors Center

The Chapel: Our primary goal in Phase 1 is to restore the ancient chapel to its former condition. It has deteriorated and needs to be repaired so the ancient structure will not collapse. We want to make the chapel available to people who would like to come and worship and avail themselves to the power of this ancient site. The little chapel is dedicated to Mary the mother of Christ. Ms. Caridas architect has said the church dates back to around the year 300AD, with an ancient pagan structure located about 5 feet from the main church on the east side.

The estimate of repairs for the little chapel is 30,000 euros. This includes the repair of the structure and clearing the path so people can access the church. The road leading to the church will need improvement, the cost of improving the road leading to the little chapel is an estimate).

Visitors and Reception Center: Restoration of current farm house structure will serve as a reception and visitor’s center for the little chapel. The little chapel is a small structure and there is not a place to sit in case someone desires to rest and get out of the sun and get a drink of water.  This is a rustic setting and our goal is to provide the minimum comforts for people. We have included bathrooms and a small bridge so people can cross the small stream to reach the church. We will include 2 golf carts to transport elderly and people who cannot hike up the hill to the chapel (price below).

The estimate of repairs for the visitor’s center is 30,000 euros. This includes the repair of the structure, bathrooms, electricity, furniture (tables and chairs), plumbing.

Team Members

Evangeline Caridas, Director

Diana Petrochelli, Assistant Director

Angelos Michalios, Architect, contractor

Mark Hammer, Marketing, Funding

We are creating and launching an Educational Institute outside of the town of Mitilini on the Island of Samos and Houston, Texas to undertake various projects.

We will include the rich history of Greece and particularly Samos, and the many contributions to society, that we still benefit from, to this day.

Samos has a rich history in philosophy with Pythagoras hailing from this island. There is a temple of Hera (the wife of Zeus) on the island of Samos. Samos is the most green and fertile island of the Greek islands. Samos was the famous vacation spot of Anthony and Cleopatra. It is a perfect setting for creativity, learning and innovation. It is an ideal spot for the Permaculture project. Pythagoras was one of the first ecologists and believed in preserving our planet. He was reverent towards nature. His mystery school also incorporated music and light for the purpose of healing the sick.

Phase II: Development of the Institute

This phase will initiate the Synthesi Institute and its objectives. The institute will be a gathering place of thought leaders to promote the integration of modern and ancient thought with an emphasis on agriculture, ecology, permaculture, architecture, archaeology, business, technology, religion, social sciences, arts, sciences, health and wellness. 

Description of our Overall Project

The primary goal of our Institute is to bring thought leaders of different fields to teach and offer other courses and create a link from Greece’s rich history and traditions and how it plays a pivotal role in our present societies. In addition the institute will make practical contributions to society by combining ancient wisdom with modern creative thought in the areas of architecture, perma-culture, ecology, health and wellness, music, art, spirituality, sciences and business with democratic principles as the foundation.

We strive to emulate the rich traditions of Pythagoras and other Greek genius and to tap into that light from the past and have it illuminate our path in the present for the purpose of creating sustainable life designs for future generations.

The Purpose of the Institute

Our core team is interested in making a contribution to society by bringing creative thinkers together, designing action plans, and producing positive results that benefit humanity.

The Institute will be a gathering place of business executives, scholars, consultants, inventors, and innovators from many disciplines from all over the world for the purpose of offering courses in new and innovative practices and methods as well as drawing from ancient wisdom. This will include multi-disciplines such as ecology, Permaculture, agriculture, business, architecture, archeology, religion, social sciences, arts and sciences health and wellness.

Request for Funding

Chapel   ******************* $30,000 Euros or $35,400 USD

Funds to be applied to building a small bridge, stairway, 2 golf carts, new roof, rehab the structure

Visitors Center  ************** $35,000 Euros or $45,300 USD

Funds will used to rehab 1.5 bathrooms, sitting areas, kitchenette, electricity, furniture (tables and chairs), road improvement, plumbing.

Synthesi Institute  **************  No funding requested in this phase

Funding in the future for this phase will be accessed via Crowd Funding, Contributors and Donations on the Synthesi Institute website.

Pictures of Samos, Chapel & Visitor Center

Inside The Chapel
Chapel Ceiling
Chapel Side View
Chapel Entrance
Ancient Stone Altar
Chapel wall requiring repair