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Today’s challenging times call for passionate visionaries who are authentic and articulate communicators. Speaker, coach and consultant Evangeline Caridas presents a powerful uplifting program that liberates the “soul within” and transforms even the reluctant “truth seeker” into an agent of change.

Caridas’ holistic blend of spirit and logic goes far beyond the standard format of current, modern spiritual thought. She inspires people to find their own way on their quest for deeper insight via the ancient teachers of transformation. She raises our connection with the past and present, creating memorable change in the future. With her uniquely, inspirational approach, Caridas reaches out to those who want to make a genuine difference in our world by changing minds through touching hearts.

Ms. Caridas offers insight from:

  • The great sages of the ancient World
  • Transformative contemporary thought leaders
  • Positive,  life altering, workshop environments
  • Proactive, strategic plans for change

Caridas has helped business executives and entrepreneurs, community and social change leaders, and healers and life coaches become active movers and shakers. She employs the power of proven effective communication, holistic expanding processes and dynamic, highly engaging presentations. She works with the latest technology to bring her message alive and create actionable steps, so participants can hit the road running.


Consulting the Oracle. No one knows for certain how the process of consulting the Delphic oracle worked. However, over the years, a traditional account has been widely accepted. According to this description, a visitor who wanted to submit a question to the oracle would first make an appropriate offering and sacrifice a goat. Then a priestess known as the Pythia would take the visitor’s question into the inner part of Apollo’s temple, which contained the omphalos and a golden statue of Apollo. Seated on a three-legged stool, the priestess would fall into a trance.

Anyone could approach the oracle, whether king, public official or private citizen. At first, a person could consult the oracle only once a year, but this restriction was later changed to once a month.

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