Our core team is interested in making a socially conscious design contribution to society by bringing creative thinkers together, designing action plans, and producing positive results that benefit humanity.

The Institute will be a gathering place of business owners, scholars, consultants, inventors, and innovators from many disciplines from all over the world for the purpose of offering courses in new and innovative practices and methods as well as drawing from ancient wisdom. This will include multi-disciplines such as ecology, Permaculture, agriculture, business, architecture, archeology, religion, social sciences, arts, sciences, health and wellness.

The mission is to blend ancient wisdom with knowledge and technology in our current lifestyle forming a better, socially conscious design and life, for all.


We bring together thought leaders from different disciplines to teach courses for the purpose of personal and societal transformation.

Sacred Tours

Unique journeys for self-discovery, forging of lifelong friendships, visiting some of the world’s most magical and transformative sacred places.


Restore an ancient chapel located on the island of Samos, Greece. This chapel is an ancient worship site dating back to pre-Christianity.


Evangeline Caridas presents a powerful, uplifting program that liberates the “soul within” and transforms even the reluctant “truth seeker”.